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First Grade

Learning - First Grade

Words to Remember are the words that have stroke order shown, you need to know how to write as well as understand them.

Words to Know are the rest of words, you should understand them in readings and dialogues.


Words in Pinyin Section

Words Section I

1. 一去二三里 (Go Two Three Li)

2. 口耳目 (Mouth Ear Eye)

3. 在家里 (At Home)

4. 操场上 (At Playground)

复习 1 (Review 1)

Article Section I

1. 画 (Picture)

2. 四季 (Four Seasons)

3. 小小竹排画中游 (Little Bamboo Boat Swimming In The Scene)

4. 哪座房子最漂亮 (Which House Is The Most Beautiful)

5. 爷爷和小树 (Grand Father And Little Tree)

复习 2 (Review 2)

6. 静夜思 (Nostalgia In The Moonlight)

7. 小小的船 (Little Boat)

8. 阳光 (Sunshine)

9. 影子 (Shadow)

10. 比尾巴 (Compare Tails)

复习 3 (Review 3)

Words Section II

1. 比一比 (Compare)

2. 自选商场 (Supermarket)

3. 菜园里 (Inside Vegetable Garden)

4. 日月明 (Day Month Bright)

复习 4 (Review 4)

Article Section II

11. 我多想去看看 (I Really Want To Go To See)

12. 雨点儿 (Raindrops)

13. 平平搭积木 (Ping Ping Plays Lego)

14. 自己去吧 (Go By Yourself)

15. 一次比一次有进步 (Better and Better)

复习 5 (Review 5)

16. 小松鼠找花生 (Little Squirrel Looks For Peanuts)

17. 雪地里的小画家 (Little Painters In The Snow)

18. 借生日 (Borrow Birthday)

19. 雪孩子 (Snow Child)

20. 小熊住山洞 (Little Bear Lives In A Cave)

复习 6 (Review 6)