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Stroke Order

Learning - Elementary School


Basic rules of Chinese character stroke order:


1. Horizontal Strokes Before Vertical Strokes (先横后竖)

十 (shí; ten):


2. Left-Angled Strokes Before Right-Angled Strokes (先撇后捺)

八 (bā; eight):


3. Top to Bottom (从上到下)

三 (sān; three):


4. Left to Right (从左到右)

打 (dǎ; hit):


5. Outside to Inside (从外到内)

向 (xiàng; facing):


6. Frame Closed Stroke Last  (先里头后封口)

田 (tián; field):


7. Center Verticals Before Sides (先中间后两边)

小 (xiǎo; small):