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Chinese Learning



Is a way to represent Chinese characters and express the sounds in the Chinese language (Mandarin) using the alphabet and the most widely used romanization system: P. R. China and Singapore, and many other countries as well.

Elementary School

Teaches Chinese characters that are learned in elementary school of China. It is said that the words from elementary school are most frequent used in daily life of Chinese, in another words, with these words, you should be able to get around in China with no problem.

Suggested Learning Plan:

1. Start with Pinyin section, once you have a solid Pinyin foundation, you are able to pronounce the words even you don't know them. This ability will help you tremendously for readings.

2. Next proceed to Elementary School section to learn Chinese starting with the first grade. Remembering all the words that are 'Words to Remember' and knowing all the words that are 'Words to Know' for every lesson before advancing to next lesson is THE KEY to learn Chinese and build the vocabulary.

3. Practice, practice and practice!  There is no doubt that practicing the language and doing the exercises/reviews are the most important things you can do to make your short term memory become long term and your learning & knowledge last a lifetime.

Why wait? Let's start!