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Braces In College: What Are Your Options


Braces are a great way to get the smile that you desire. Some people choose to straighten their smile with braces for cosmetic reasons, while other require braces for a healthier mouth and need them. No matter what the reason for braces, many times they are worn during late childhood or teen years. However, some people either decide they need them or have a situation where they need them during their college years. If this is something that you are interested in learning more about, continue reading this article to learn more about braces in college.

First of all, you should consider the dentist you visit for braces in college. If you already have a dentist, you can talk to him or her about the braces. Or maybe they have already shared their thoughts with you. If you don’t have a dentist, you may need to find one. You can do this by asking college friends or possibly trusted professors. You could even look online to learn about the dentists in the area that specialize in braces for college students. Make sure you look at the reviews to learn about the type of experiences past patients have had and what you should expect.

Then, you will need to consider how to pay for the braces. Most people in college do not have lots of money to help them pay for both their college education and braces at the same time. The good news is, there are options out there. If you have dental insurance, either through your parents or on your own, you can check with the insurance company and learn what type of coverage you have for braces. Also, make sure you learn about the dentists in your area that are covered under the insurance policy.

If insurance is not an option for you, you should continue to look into different options to finance the braces you need. One thing you can do is discuss this with your dentist. They may have in-office financing or may know of options that you should explore. You may also choose to look at braces financing on your own to learn about what is out there.

You could also save up to pay for the braces that you need. You may consider an additional job to help you do that. Another option is to find your budget and look at what you could cut out to help you cut costs and save the money you need for the braces that will help straighten your teeth. There are other options, too, and by being creative, you can find the funds you need to get braces in college.

In conclusion, braces are used for many different things, and many people in college find they need them for one reason or another. If you need braces and want to use them for your smile, consider the information shared here to help you determine the best route for you to take.

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What Can We Learn From Alternative Medicine?

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine, once shunned by the medical profession as ineffective and even dangerous, has gained popularity and recognition in recent years as its effectiveness and safety have been scrutinized and validated. In particular, the use of natural herbs to treat various ailments has been approved by most medical practitioners as a beneficial supplement to or substitute for traditional pharmaceutical medications.

Professional herbalists act as natural pharmacists, growing and dispensing useful plants to patients to assist them with ailments ranging from a migraine to menstrual cramps and even psychological disorders like depression or bipolar disorder. While not every ailment responds well to herbal treatments, the field of herbal medicine continues to expand and trained and educated, certified herbalists are always in demand.

While no formal training is required for those who wish to grow herbs and sell them to dispensaries or professional healthcare workers, clinical and professional herbalists typically undergo a lengthy training period that covers many of the same subjects that pharmacists study during their educational process. Classes typically focus on the properties of medicinal herbs, methods of extraction and dosing, and the side effects and interactions between the active ingredients of the herbs and other medications and herbal remedies.

Students also gain a broad understanding of the human physiological and anatomical structures including an overview of the main physical structures and organ systems. This offers a basis for diagnosis and a deeper understanding of the possible causes for the symptoms patients may be presenting.

Herbal Education

Herbal therapy classes combine the two areas, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in diagnosing and prescribing the right herbal remedies for the patients reported symptoms. Lastly, most coursework includes an herbal pharmaceutical class that allows students to practice what they’ve learned by producing herbal medicines based on established formulas and experimental work.


While there is currently no specific educational requirement for practicing herbalists, the American Herbalists Guild is working to create a basic standard for herbalist education that will provide standardized requirements and coursework to allow herbalists to attain certification. Many herbalism courses currently offer a certificate or degree, but since there is no oversight for these courses, the value of the certification or degree program is largely dependent on the institution offering such training. Herbalists can join the American Herbalists Guild either as a general member, which has no specific requirements or as a professional member. Professional members must meet a number of exacting requirements including four years of training and clinical experience. This qualifies the herbalist for the professional title of Registered Herbalist, the highest current level of accreditation in the herbalism field.

This guest post was written by Wendy Graham, a freelancer based in Seattle, WA who often writes about education for Online College Guru, a directory of online colleges.

Great Hair

Great hair can really make a difference and this is defiantly one of those cross-cultural beliefs. Hair and its characteristics have a large link with genetics, however, there are some techniques we can do to help different parts of our hair.
Regular upkeep of your hair is a good place to start. A quality diet is a good way to keep a good head of hair. In Chinese Medicine, the blood needs to be sufficient to nourish the Liver and course the body. The blood is then able to nourish the skin and hair allowing luster in the complexion and hair. Foods to help are red meats, green leafy vegetables, blue/green algae, and beets.
Thinning hair is the most common complaint seeking treatment. Thinning hair can result from changing hormones, age, childbirth, and taxation (Liver blood insufficiency as discussed earlier). Beneficial herbs include:

He Shou Wu / Polygonum
Gou Qi Zi / Goji Berry
Shu Di Huang / Rehmannia
Shan Yao / Dioscorea

Common Herbs

These are common herbs used for hair disorders, although many of these are heavy herbs and can cause digestive upset if used all by themselves. Make sure to add Chuan Xiong or aged citrus peel to your tea.
With the modern invention of hair color, not many people think about natural or earlier ways of darkening hair to get rid of the grey. A simple 9g daily dose of He Shou Wu / Polygonum will do the trick! So whats the trick? Persistence! This is not an easy task and most of us wouldn’t last very long, however, this is a well-documented form of keeping dark hair that was used often on nobles and authorities.

Natural hair care is actually pretty easy and effective at ensuring ongoing beautiful hair. Nowadays there are some more natural shampoos out there rather than a bottle full of chemicals and dyes. By the way, if you are experiencing hair or skin problems make sure to change your shampoo and body wash to hypoallergenic products with no dyes, colors, perfumes, etc. You can also buy shampoo ‘base’ products that are ready to accept your own blend of additives like essential oils or other oils! An additional treatment for hair is adding a premium carrier oil such as sesame oil, jojoba oil or other and add in Lavender essential oil and rosemary oil, wash this out after having it in for 30 minutes to several hours.


Quality and natural products should also be used on extensions, hair pieces, and quick weaves. This will allow your hair pieces to last much longer and look great. Also, make sure you move to natural hair relaxers. The old or ‘regular’ form of hair relaxers use lye to relax the hair which is dangerous and can burn your scalp. These newer and natural hair relaxers use olive oil, vitamin E, soy extract, and other herbal ingredients to help straighten hair.

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China Orthodontics products: What are the Essential Facts Behind them?

China Orthodontics

Obtaining their misaligned teeth or perhaps a structural chunk set wasn’t well-known for that Chinese of the older generation, several grown-ups were not able to obtain orthodontic therapy over time, plus they resided with it for their lifetime.

Chinese people watch dental care like a factor of one time. They come mainly to observe dentists only if their teeth harm or require straightening. It is good to take the help of a popular forum to know more on dental manufacturers in China.

Nevertheless, the period is changing, today, for several families of China have just one elder kid /teen, health care gets more interest as well as in frequently dental check up come right into thought and motion, healthy teeth got remedied for that beautify sack.

Orthodontics supplier

China is increasingly more obtaining prospering which returns orthodontic therapy searchers with the enhanced look, restored self-image and changed self-confidence.

Nowadays the individuals of China are not just transporting a bag that is luxurious or trying unique garments, drive quality vehicle, but additionally including repairing the misaligned teeth or perhaps a structural chunk, as per a saying of Chinese satires, “it’s equipped till tees”.

It’s concerning the entire bundle, the way you offer yourself ultimately to the general public, the manner in which you appear, the manner in which you experience, it’s not the sneakers and also the clothes you wear, it’s about everything, including teeth.

That’s the brand-new developments in China within the newer generation, particularly working ladies of the new generation. It’s not surprising that China orthodontic item in exceptional need and orthodontic therapy sufferers are extremely inspired in China.

Based on associated China dental business statement, pushed from the growing understanding of oral health among Oriental grown-ups, orthodontics and dental enhancements can help the China dental hygiene business preserve A – 20 to 30% yearly growth pace.

The percentage of grown-ups among all orthodontic therapy sufferers in China is continuing to grow from 10 to 20-percent a decade before to 30% currently, with implanting remedies may increase from currently 100,000 to 500,000 within the next 5 coming years.

Oral Health

Developing consciousness over dental and oral health cleanliness is likely to result in substantial possibilities for orthodontic materials within the next years. Improvements in substance technology, practices, and processes, which lead the way for cost effective and quicker treatment options.

These are required to operate a vehicle interest in orthodontic procedures and materials. Increasing transmission of methods among adult sufferers as from the traditional customer base of teens can also be helpful to encourage interest in orthodontic methods and materials.

Brackets and wires account fully for a commonplace share of the fresh orthodontic situation begin each year. With conventional braces continuing to put on the floor whilst the most favored strategy for therapy of malocclusion, producers are switching interest towards increasing appearance of brackets.

The previous few decades observed a change from inexpensive metal brackets towards high-end brackets, as sufferers search for decreased therapy occasions and enhanced appearance. Self-ligating brackets particularly decrease case-load of dentists because of decreased process period, and longer intervals for treatment.

As previously mentioned from the fresh researching the market statement on Orthodontics products, America signifies the biggest marketplace worldwide. Need is saturated in developed nations across The United States and Europe, due mostly to raise consciousness about dental treatments and cleanliness.

Potential development on the market is likely to be brought by developing nations, backed by elements such as for instance advantageous demographics, enhanced use of quality health providers, increasing wealth and elevated shelling out for health and dental services including orthodontic solutions. Orthodontic materials marketplace in Asia Pacific is outlook to report a CAGR of 6.3% within the evaluation interval.


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There’s More To It Than Just Money

I highly recommend reading a recent report sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Urban Institute (the employer of the authors) by Robert Berenson and Elizabeth Docteur entitled Doing Better by Doing Less; Approaches to Tackle Overuse of Services. It is an excellent analysis of approaches that address the issue of inappropriate and unnecessary services.

The report dismisses previous efforts to combat overuse including:

Measurement of overuse;

Educating physicians to comply with evidence of appropriateness;

Affecting the demand for services; and

Using administrative levers to reduce inappropriate services.

The report suggests that Choosing Wisely® is a promising campaign but untested and its potential to affect demand for inappropriate services is unclear.  In slight defense of the campaign, Choosing Wisely attempts to engage physicians and patients in a conversation about resource use and waste.  It approaches this issue through a modern day version of professionalism that asks physicians to be responsible for the prudent use of precious health care resources in partnership with patients and families.

Acknowledging the reality of past failures, the authors of the report suggest the need to “rely more on payment incentives. Combined with investment in production and dissemination of evidence on what works under what circumstances. To influence clinical decisions and support efficient delivery that avoids overuse and reduces the use of services offering low benefit, relative to risks, rather than on approaches that rely on measurement of inappropriate services or enforcing adherence to standards.”

The heavy reliance on payment reform as the panacea bothers me for several reasons.  I just don’t think we can flip a switch and ‘presto!’ make change happen for several reasons.

1)  Payment reform is just the beginning — not the end solution — of creating a more effective and efficient system.  It orients practitioners away from creating volume to producing better outcomes for patients and producing better value for patients while incorporating their preferences.  But still needed are:

A stronger and more effective primary care workforce;

Patient and caregiver engagement in their care;

Redesigned clinical practices with automated decision support systems, revamped admission protocols and clinical workups to weed out unnecessary care;

Better coordination of care, transitions, and teamwork;

Enhanced competencies around medical decision making and evidence-based medicine; and

Practitioners armed with communication skills to discuss why a procedure or test is not necessary with their patients and involve patients in their medical decisions.

2)  What is written about payment reform doesn’t address how clinicians are directly paid. Many institutions getting paid through a global, “fixed” payment system.  Other reform payment techniques don’t transfer that reimbursement philosophy to how they are paying physicians and continue to pay them on volume of services produced.  Physicians paid on a salary with medium-level bonuses appear to be the most neutral payment scheme, which in turn fosters the best performance and professionalism.

3)  There is an underlying assumption that money is king and health care professionals are not motivated by higher principles. In Dan Pink’s book, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, the author makes the case that professionals work at their highest level when they have purpose, mastery, and autonomy (with accountability) in their work.

There is no silver bullet to the problem of overuse. While payment reform is necessary to solve the problem of overuse, we should not forget the importance of professional values, the commitment of physicians to be stewards of resources and the new competencies associated with that commitment.


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Benefits Of Invisalign


Misaligned and crooked teeth can have an impact on how you clean the teeth as well as on your self-esteem. Such a condition is quite unsightly and makes it difficult to clean your teeth. Poor dental hygiene may result in periodontal disease that risks gum & bone damage and loss of teeth over time. Teeth braces are very effective in aligning the teeth properly. But traditional braces are quite unsightly, uncomfortable, and painful to wear at times. In fact, adults are mostly embarrassed to wear traditional braces due to these reasons. That is where Invisalign or clear braces come in handy. This article provides information on the important benefits of Invisalign. I would recommend seeing a professional who knows a lot about Invisalign.

Metal Braces

Metal braces can affect your appearance. They are quite unsightly and uncomfortable at the same time. Many adults don’t like to wear these braces due to this reason. Your mouth is filled with unsightly metal when you wear such braces. Also, pieces of food get collected in between these braces and result in poor dental hygiene. Invisalign braces are barely noticeable since they are clear braces. It looks as if the person is not wearing any type of braces. That is why the majority of people prefer these braces to traditional metal braces.

The comfort factor is also taken into consideration when wearing braces. Metal braces are uncomfortable and painful at times. Clear braces can be easily removed if needed. But metal braces have to be in place until they are removed by a professional dentist. That is why clear braces are so popular with a majority of patients out there. Many of my family member have always loved seeing the office of Advanced Orthodontics in Aurora. They treat everyone with amazing care.

Clear Braces

Clear braces will reduce the damage caused to your teeth and gums over time. Metal braces contain protruding bits of wires that can harm the gums and teeth. Clear braces are smooth and comfortable. Metal braces can have an effect on decaying teeth since they use a great deal of force to straighten your teeth. Clear aligners don’t use such a force to straighten the teeth. Hence, they are less damaging compared to metal braces. That is why you need to wear clear aligners without further delay. Traditional metal braces can take up to five years to straighten your teeth. But clear aligners take only one to two years to do the job. That is why you need to shift to clear aligners right now.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are used in a highly-computerized environment compared to traditional metal braces. Hence, the patient knows what to expect before they start the treatment. In fact, the patient knows how long they have to wear the braces before starting to wear them. On the other hand, metal braces are usually a trial and error situation where the patient doesn’t know much about what to expect or how long they have to wear the braces. That is why clear braces are considered a distinct winner over traditional metal braces when it comes to straightening your misaligned and crooked teeth.

invisalign results

The above article provides information on the important benefits of clear aligners.

Chinese Medicine

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Benefits Of Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a type of all-natural, holistic health care system that dates back to the year 200 B.C. This system helps stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism to cure a wide variety of illnesses and disorders. In fact, the health care system takes into account the whole life of the patient when treating him or her compared to treating only the obvious signs and symptoms of a certain disorder or condition. Chinese medicine comes with numerous benefits to the mind-body system of the patient. This article provides information on some of the important benefits of TCM.



The University of Maryland Medical Center conducted a lengthy study on the effects of TCM. They found that TCM aims to correct the imbalances in the patient’s body. The process works in three important ways such as addressing the patient’s external factors, helping the patient to relate to his/her internal emotions healthily & manage stress and improving his/her lifestyle including the diet and workout routine. TCM treatments focus on specific organs such as small & large intestines, kidney, liver, lungs, heart, gallbladder, and spleen. Some problems that are effectively treated with TCM include arthritis, chronic pains, infertility, fatigue, headaches, liver conditions, hormone imbalances, indigestion, menopause symptoms, high blood pressure, and cancer.


Different Types

There are different types of TCM such as acupuncture, massage, nutrition, cupping therapy, and Moxibustion. TCM was commonly practiced in Asia until the 1970s where it started to become popular in the United States. TCM believes in the concept of a vital energy force in the body known as Qi. The disruption to this energy system could result in most of the diseases and disorders in people. TCM helps lower inflammation and offers increased cancer protection. TCM includes herbal treatments that help improve the immunity of the patient. They also use medicinal mushrooms that have antiapoptotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and autophagic regulatory benefits.

This helps lower the levels of oxidative stress in the cells. It protects the cells from long-term disease development over time. In fact, inflammation is the root of most of the diseases that affect us. TCM helps reduce the inflammation levels in the cells and prevent most of the disorders.


Acupuncture and acupressure are two of the most effective TCM that help reduce pain and discomfort. In fact, acupuncture is more than 3,500 years old. It helps alleviate chronic headaches and pains in the body. On the other hand, TCM helps balance the hormones in the body and improves fertility as a result.

Chinese herbal medicines contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds to change the way how messages are transmitted to the brain by the nervous system. These treatments help improve various functions of the endocrine and central nervous systems. This will help to naturally improve the body’s healing abilities.


In conclusion, Chinese herbal medicines have become quite popular and effective in this day and age. There are many types of Chinese traditional medicines practiced today. The above read offers information on some of the benefits of TCM. View our resources page for our partners.

Heart Disease and Oral Health Are Connected

Research has suggested that heart disease and oral health can be linked in two different ways:

I. Gum illness can contribute to heart disease

II. Oral symptoms can indicate heart problems.

Signs and symptoms of gum disease

  • Tender, swollen and red gums
  • Mouth sores
  • Receding gums
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Bleeding gums while brushing or flossing
  • Loose or separating teeth

Gum disease can contribute to heart disease

With the mouth being the gateway to our bodies, it has been suggested that gum disease can pose a risk for heart conditions. Medical studies have indicated that inflammation caused by gum disease and the bacteria associated with this condition can get into our bloodstreams.  Due to this, they attach to our blood vessels, increasing the formation of blood clots. Blood clotting or thrombosis, can result in decreased blood flow to the heart, leading to elevated blood pressure, which in turn causes an increased risk of a heart attack.  Here is more on how gum disease can lead to heart disease.

Gum and heart disease risk factors

While it is a challenging task to establish whether gum disease causes heart disease and vice versa, the risk factors for these conditions are the same. These risk factors include:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Smoking
  3. Poor nutrition
  4. Being male
  5. Oral symptoms can indicate heart disease

Medical research has indicated that over 90% of all systemic conditions, among which heart disease, present themselves through oral signs and symptoms. Additionally to this, examination by dental practitioners can help those with a history of heart disease by establishing any signs and symptoms of infection, inflammation or oral pain. This diagnostic technique and resultant treatment methods of these oral conditions in patients with a history of heart disease have resulted in overall health improvement as well as a decreased need for medication for high blood pressure.

Prevention is the best cure

Although medical research indicates that there could be a link between gum disease and heart disease, these studies are still inconclusive and additional research needs to be done before the relationship between the two conditions can be confirmed. While it has also not been proven that treatment for one of the conditions will automatically help in the management of the other; it is clear that impeccable oral hygiene as well as regular dental checks can improve oral health, which in turn has a positive impact on our general health. Things we can do to ensure optimal oral health:

  • Eat a healthy diet rich in vitamins A and C
  • Stop smoking
  • Brush teeth twice a day and brush along the gum line
  • Floss daily
  • Use a mouth rinse

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Thyroid Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

At times, a feeling of change in our bodies is simply ignored by the fact that it could either be an allergy or old age. However these changes could be an indication of much more serious medical issues. Paying attention to the signals our bodies try to relay, especially thyroid related issues is quite important.  Symptoms of thyroid related diseases are very similar to normal ailments. As a result the ailments may go untreated for long escalating to much more serious issues in the later stages.

The thyroid is a gland located in the front of your neck and assumes a butterfly shape. The gland is responsible for multiple vital body functions. It secretes hormones related to reproduction functions in the body hence its malfunction has an effect on your mood, general body looks and activity levels.

As per the figures and survey of the American Thyroid Association, it is approximated that 20 million people have been affected by the thyroid disease, 60% of them unaware of having it. Symptoms of thyroid disease come on slowly hence the importance of understanding your body signs in order to acquire early treatment. With that in mind the following potential thyroid symptoms are probably the most common red flags to watch out for.

1. Swelling in the Neck

A swollen neck is definitely a very obvious symptom indicating that something could be a miss with the thyroid gland. Inflammation in the thyroid area could mean nodules or cancer presence hence the need of serious treatment.

2. Feeling of Sadness and Depression

Thyroid disorders greatly affects your moods. Persons suffering from thyroid diseases are prone to depression and could suffer anxiety, high levels of stress and increased irritability due to low levels of the thyroid hormone.

3. Constipation

Low levels of thyroid hormone leads to difficulty in food digestion. A challenged digestive process often leads to constipation.

4. Unexplained Weight Changes

The volume of thyroid hormones secreted by your body has a direct effect on your weight. Low levels of the hormones translates to the thyroid gland working slowly hence weight gain. On the other hand high levels of the thyroid hormone induces loss of weight.

5. Loss of Hair

Low or high production of the thyroid hormone affects the metabolism rate of the body which leads to hair loss and dry skin.

6. Energy Level Changes

Low levels of thyroid hormone in your body affects your energy production rate hence the tendency to feel more tired often.

7. High Blood Pressure

The thyroid affects most of the body organs. As a result the heart may be affected which may in turn result to hypertension.

Be sure to confirm with your doctor if you encounter these symptoms. In typically many cases this conditions are treatable allowing you to live a normal life again.