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Thyroid Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

At times, a feeling of change in our bodies is simply ignored by the fact that it could either be an allergy or old age. However these changes could be an indication of much more serious medical issues. Paying attention to the signals our bodies try to relay, especially thyroid related issues is quite important.  Symptoms of thyroid related diseases are very similar to normal ailments. As a result the ailments may go untreated for long escalating to much more serious issues in the later stages.

The thyroid is a gland located in the front of your neck and assumes a butterfly shape. The gland is responsible for multiple vital body functions. It secretes hormones related to reproduction functions in the body hence its malfunction has an effect on your mood, general body looks and activity levels.

As per the figures and survey of the American Thyroid Association, it is approximated that 20 million people have been affected by the thyroid disease, 60% of them unaware of having it. Symptoms of thyroid disease come on slowly hence the importance of understanding your body signs in order to acquire early treatment. With that in mind the following potential thyroid symptoms are probably the most common red flags to watch out for.

1. Swelling in the Neck

A swollen neck is definitely a very obvious symptom indicating that something could be a miss with the thyroid gland. Inflammation in the thyroid area could mean nodules or cancer presence hence the need of serious treatment.

2. Feeling of Sadness and Depression

Thyroid disorders greatly affects your moods. Persons suffering from thyroid diseases are prone to depression and could suffer anxiety, high levels of stress and increased irritability due to low levels of the thyroid hormone.

3. Constipation

Low levels of thyroid hormone leads to difficulty in food digestion. A challenged digestive process often leads to constipation.

4. Unexplained Weight Changes

The volume of thyroid hormones secreted by your body has a direct effect on your weight. Low levels of the hormones translates to the thyroid gland working slowly hence weight gain. On the other hand high levels of the thyroid hormone induces loss of weight.

5. Loss of Hair

Low or high production of the thyroid hormone affects the metabolism rate of the body which leads to hair loss and dry skin.

6. Energy Level Changes

Low levels of thyroid hormone in your body affects your energy production rate hence the tendency to feel more tired often.

7. High Blood Pressure

The thyroid affects most of the body organs. As a result the heart may be affected which may in turn result to hypertension.

Be sure to confirm with your doctor if you encounter these symptoms. In typically many cases this conditions are treatable allowing you to live a normal life again.